Best Resume Templates 2016-2017: Tips from Recruiter

What makes the best resume templates 2016-2017? When applying for a job in 2016-2017, there are the newest trends in resume writing that you have to remember in order to make your application stand out over the competition. The right template to use for yours what will help you increase your chances to being hired for the job. Check out these tips from recruiters on how to come up with the perfect template for your resume for the coming year’s application.

Best Resume Template 2016-2017

best resume templates 2016
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  1. Choose a basic font for your resume. You don’t need anything fancy for your font, but a professional looking one. You may go for Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri when choosing a font. And when it comes to size, you may choose between 10 and 12 sizing for yours.
  2. Contact information must be provided. For the best resume template 2016-2017, you should complete and update your personal and contact information, including your full name, complete mailing address, phone number and email address.
  3. Add an objective statement or a profile summary. You should tailor the objective statement based on the job application and the company. In order to come up with the right objective statement, you must be able to read and understand the job posting as well as research and read about the company for the perfect 2016-2017 resume templates. You will have higher chances to being considered for the job if you include a summary of your achievements and accomplishments, too. You can use this with or without a headline in your resume.
  4. Use keywords for the best results in 2016-2017 resume templates. The job description will help you come up with the keywords to use in your resume. By using such words, you will be able to tailor your application to the matches that the employer is looking for. You can also use the same keywords for your cover letter.
  5. Think about what to include in the content of your resume. When coming up with the right free resume templates 2016 for your application, don’t skip the part of making an outline of the details to include, and this can include your work history that will tell the employer of your job experiences that may be what he is looking for ideal candidates for the position. Brainstorm so that you can outline the details to include in your paper. Don’t rush into writing but spend enough time before doing so in order to come up with a comprehensive but concise resume to highlight the things that the employer has to know about you.
  6. Tailor your resume for every application to come up with the best resume templates 2016. This can be one of the most important tips to remember, according to recruiters. They reveal that applicants who succeed in their application are those that know how to utilize the power of a professional and customized resume that helps them stand out by presenting unique information about them specific to the requirements of the job.
  7. In today’s digital world, it is important for the best resume template to include competitive information about their professional experience in a way that keeps the employer interested. You can achieve this if you are going to update your resume to the latest trends of job applications.
  8. Have the right resume format for your application. There are types of formats to use per application, per industry or per job skills. You may use the type to highlight certain aspects about you in your application. For instance, use the functional or skills-based resume format if you have gaps in employment and you want to highlight your skills instead of it. The chronological format if you have solid work background and the combined resume to highlight both aspects of the functional and the chronological formats.

Remember these tips when deciding, preparing and writing the best resume template 2016-2017 Keep them in mind and apply them in your newest resume for the coming year’s job applications!