Brilliant Resume Internship Template 2017

resume internship template 2017
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If you are planning to apply for an internship position there are certain things that would help you to get accepted into the internship program of your choice. Your internship program is a key part of your career, because it would form the formative years of you career. Where you do it and how you do it would go a long way in eventually helping you to become a successful professional. This is why you cannot take internship lightly. Of course, the next question would be how to get an internship program that would offer you this or how to write KSA – paper to show your knowledge, skills and abilities needed in performing certain jobs.

Also, you would need a resume to apply for internship. Without a resume your chances at getting into the internship program would be slim. But your resume internship template 2017 cannot just be like any CV example for internship that you have on the internet today. No! It needs to be a brilliant resume internship template 2017. In this article, we would be considering the areas to look at when drafting your resume and the best online resume templates.

What to Include in Your Resume Internship Template 2017

Below are 5 things that you must include in your resume to apply for internship program:

  • Why you want to do your intern with them: This can be included briefly in your personal statement at the beginning of the resume. But you must indicate it in clear terms, why you want to do your internship program with them. It makes it clear that it is because you believe they offer certain things that would help you become better along the line in your career
  • Your drive towards your profession: You should also indicate your drive towards the profession. Why you love what you do and why you are pursuing a career in the said profession. You can add this when you talk about your academic qualifications and any other certification or training courses that you have attended that makes it clear that you are driven towards a career in the said profession.
  • The skills/experience you hope to acquire: This is another area that you would want to include and it is the skills and experience you hope to acquire while you are working there. It helps to show that you know what you want and you want to do your internship program there for a reason.
  • What you would be bringing to the table: Even if you think you do not have any work experience, you should appreciate that certain things are always needed in any job. A hand that is dutiful, a creative mind, one that is quick to learn, motivated and diligent. You must ensure that it is clear from your resume that you possess such characteristics as it goes a long way to convince the employers of your work ethics. If you are also proficient in computer or you have any other skillset that would be useful during the course of the internship you would want to include it.
  • Why you are ideal for the position: Finally, you would want to state categorically in your resume to apply for internship program the features that you believe make you ideal for the internship program.

Your resume would also contain other basic areas like your personal data that would include your name and contact details as well as referees if they requested for it.

Sample Resume to Apply for Internship

There are many sample resume that you can find online and they would serve different uses like:

  • Help you in drafting your brilliant resume internship template 2017;
  • Showing you areas that need correction;
  • Helping you appreciate how the trend in your resume should flow;
  • Showing you the ideal fonts to use;
  • Giving you an idea of how the formatting for your resume to apply for internship should be.

advice on writing a resume to apply for internship

Things to Look out for When Applying for an Internship Program

Below are some of the things that you should look out for when applying for internship program:

  • Do the company or firm take interns;
  • What do previous interns have to say about them;
  • How long has the company been accepting interns;
  • Does an internship with them improve your resume in the future;
  • What skillset and experience would you acquire from them.

Tips for Writing Resume to Apply for Internship Program

The tips to wiring a brilliant resume internship template 2017 is the same as most resumes out there with a few differences as you would see in any no work experience resume sample 2017.

Some of the differences were discussed above, but the general tips include:

  • You should avoid artistic graphics;
  • Always use simple fonts;
  • Always use simple formats;
  • Use legible fonts;
  • Avoid lengthy sentences;
  • Let the formatting of bullet points and numbers be easy to follow.

These are some of the things that you must be well aware of that would help you to draft a brilliant resume internship template 2017!