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If you are a teacher and you are looking to find education jobs in 2017 then you must have a great resume. Of course a good resume is important when looking for any job or applying for any job position, to get a teaching job, your resume needs to top notch and you need to use only the best resume templates for teachers. It is not surprising that this is so because the teaching job is one that involves a knowledgeable mind and this should be reflected in the quality of your resume. Having said this, there are resume teacher sample 2017 that you can find online to use to draft your resume template for teaching position that you would be applying for. In this article however, we would be highlighting the important things to look out for in your teacher resume and the important areas that underscore a quality drafted teacher CV.

What to Include in Your Teacher Resume

Before you start writing your resume you need to know what you want to include in it. Of course this may also include what not to include in a teacher’s resume. You should know that your personal details like name, address, contact details must be included in your CV, but what are the things to add that gives your CV an extra touch? As a teacher you would want to consider including areas that highlight these points

  • Love for teaching: It could be at the beginning of the resume or in the introduction aspect or somewhere in the resume, but you need to highlight your love for teaching and what gave rise to it. Always try to be original in this. You must avoid coming across as overstating any point.
  • Academic qualification: Of course you would need to add any academic qualification that you have acquired over the years. Especially the ones that have a link to your desire for a teaching job. It is important you arrange this with the most recent coming first.
  • Any teaching certification course(s): If you have attended any teacher training course or certification course, it is also important that you include this to your teacher resume. It shows that you are a career person and one whose desire to be a teacher is driven by the right motivation. It is always a plus to have this and if you do it must be included as well.
  • Teaching skillset: Any specific skillset that you have, you must also try to include this here. Skillsets that makes you better at teaching, either diverse language proficiency, or being a good communicator, a good grasp of PowerPoint presentation etc. skills acquired from previous job can also be incorporated in this area or under your work experience.

Where to Get Resume Teacher Sample 2017

Of course the first place you would want to look for good resume template for teaching position is the internet. There are many samples for resume teacher sample 2017 online. But what do you want to look for in this samples. Which area should you have an eye for, so you can adjust your own resume accordingly.

  • The formats
  • The Introduction
  • The fonts
  • The conclusion

These are areas that you want to look out for when searching for resume teacher sample 2017 that can get a teaching job for you that would be right for you.

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Dos and Don’ts for Teacher Resume

Below is a short list of some of the dos and don’ts that you want to be sure to take note of when you are writing your teacher CV.

  • Do not sound braggadocios
  • Be modest
  • Never add colors or artistic work to your CV
  • Be honest
  • Only add things that you can defend
  • Ensure to emphasize areas that show your teaching skills and strength

Tips on Writing Teacher Resume 2017

Below are a few more tips to keep in mind when writing resume example software engineer 2017 that would help you find education jobs that are the top ones in 2017.

  • Be direct, straight to the point, do not add stories to your resume. Every point should be summarised in one sentence.
  • Avoid clumsy formatting
  • Use only legible fonts
  • Only add the institution that gave you a degree or a certificate, you don’t need to add every institution you have attended.
  • Try to add all relevant work experience, but also bear in mind that a summer job at the beach may not necessarily help your resume except you were a life coach.

These are some of the areas that you should consider and things that would help you write the ideal resume to help you get a teaching job that you desire!