Did You Update Your Resume: Latest Resume Format 2016-2017

Whenever you apply for a job, it is best that you check out latest resume format 2016-2017. This is because you are different from your fellow applicants and that you do possess a unique set of skills, abilities, talents, training and experience. This results in the need for you to consider all factors or details that you know in order to determine that best strategy to write your resume.

Though there are many formats that you may find online, any of it that you get to choose would surely fit any of the three basic categories about resume writing, which includes a chronological, functional and combination. Check out the following updates from which you can get as much success when applying for a job. Let’s look into that right now.

Top Three Resume 2016-2017 Format

latest resume format 2016
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Resume 2016-2017 format can be done in a variety of ways, but the three main categories that experts still consider and utilize even today, can help you achieve a higher chance of having your resume receive a 5-star rating coming from top recruiters and hiring managers from top corporations all across the globe. The information that you look to include in your resume would surely fit into a section of any of these formats. Let’s not waste your time and start talking about these things right now.

  1. The Chronological latest resume format 2016-2017 would be able to help you emphasize on your professional career. However, it would be best that you get to use a focused summary of your qualifications so that you can quickly convey essential skills that you have towards an employer. This format also provides a great opportunity for you to capture their attention with the use of employer-centered language and vital keywords, which helps ensure that you leave a strong impression to any recruiter within the very critical 15-second initial screening. Keep in mind that choosing these resume templates 2016 means that you should never forget to write about the summary of your qualifications successfully. Though this type is most commonly used today, it is also the riskiest since this stresses more towards your past experiences rather than your goals or an employer’s needs.
  2. The Functional resume 2016-2017 format is largely obsolete or out of date. This type seeks to display your current qualification that is related towards a targeted position. It focuses more on your qualifications and skills, which can be achieved by utilizing functional headings that are developed towards your transferrable skills strategically. However, you must keep in mind that it should be done without the development of your work history details. In addition, the traditional functional latest resume format 2016-2017 is dubbed to hide any unfavorable elements or details about your work history. With that in mind, it is often considered by management professionals and human resource personnel that it should be viewed with extreme caution.
  3. The Hybrid or Combination resume format for 2016-2017 incorporates the strengths of both the chronological and functional resume types. This form of writing will successfully demonstrate in the beginning of your resume any detail about your key strengths, core competencies and skills that are developed strategically out of your career goals as well as your transferrable skills. Unlike the functional resume format, the combination resume format would highlight details of your employment history that includes your responsibilities, contributions, dates and achievements, which makes the combination resume format far superior from the first two formats.

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The thing listed here is meant to be an advice that you can use to help you create a better resume. Well then, good luck in writing your resume 2016-2017!