Excellent Attorney Resume Template in 2016-2017

The best attorney resumes 2017 that you will get from the right templates for professionals in your industry are what will help you in job applications. However, there are many resumes out there, so the problem is choosing and using the perfect one that will best describe and sell you as an applicant.

What Makes Effective Attorney Resume Templates 2017

free resumes templatesThe type of resume template to use is that one that can help you in highlighting your particular work experiences as well as the responsibilities you have assumed. Your resume template 2016 can be organized by skill, such as discovery, motion practice and trial practice, among others.

Such a summary preparation is a good exercise to list those things you have done before the application. With an idea of these major things that you did will also help you prepare the best lawyer resumes.

Remember that your resume is a marketing piece that is designed and created to meet your purpose of receiving an interview invitation. In this case, it is also paramount that you create an error-free and well-presented resume that is tailored for the specific job ad that you’re applying.

How to Optimize Your Attorney Resume Templates 2017

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  1. See to it that you are emphasizing your experiences and skills, but only those most related to the job you are seeking. The summary is not about all the things you did, but only the most notable ones in order to keep your summary section concise and targeted.
  2. Avoid writing information on the attorney resume templates 2017 that will just distort your professional background. Also, avoid adding information that will leave gaps of employment unclear and unexplained, except if the particular experience can show that you have the necessary experience or skills related to this application.
  3. Be selective when including facts in your brief draft. So if you were applying for an office position that specializes in acquisition, you can include your experience that relates to acquisitions and mergers. But if you are looking to work in a district attorney’s office, you may want to list your pro bono work. In short, include only the most relevant skills or experiences per application you are making and per company you are looking to apply to.
  4. Create several resume drafts and compare. After downloading your attorney resume template 2017, you can edit it with your information and make several drafts so that you can compare later on. You can make a few versions in terms of design, layout and format to see which one applies to you.
  5. List specific accomplishments, and if possible, you may also want to include case names. Have the most significant accomplishments listed first, followed by less prominent ones. This is important to take note of: Have the most significant details on the top fold so that the employer can easily see your major accomplishments.

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Formatting the Attorney Resume Template 2017

  • Personal and contact information: Include your name, home address, phone number and email address. You may also list you social media profile or web address.
  • Work history: List your most recent related jobs handled, along with the company name, address and zip code as well as your responsibilities supported by accomplishments.
  • Education section: This will have your academic background stated, including honors, scholarships and recognitions earned. Don’t forget the date of graduation and the degree you earned.
  • Key accomplishments: This part writes your major contributions and achievements working as an attorney in a district office, corporate law office…
  • Related skills: This is the part where to include your major or key skills related to the position and company you are applying.

These are the latest trends when using the attorney resume template for your resume. Get started and spend enough time in drafting, writing, proofreading and editing your best attorney resumes 2017 now!