Excellent Driver Resume Template for 2016-2017

Are you looking for an excellent driver resume template 2017? There are many resume templates 2016 available online from sources like resume banks, writing services, job banks and resume guides. However, not all of these may be suitable for use by driving professionals. As you may already know, every job is different; thus, it is integral that you choose the driver resume that works for your needs, skill level and experience. Here are the basics to know about the best driver resume online.

Driver Resume Example Tips on Format 2017

driver resume template
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  1. Name and contact details
  2. Career highlights, including your most recent accomplishments and achievements; can be in a bulleted list or in a paragraph form
  3. Employment history to list your most recent driving jobs to the least recent
  4. Academic background to write your education and training; will include the schools attended, degree or major earned; year of completion
  5. Trainings, certifications, license
  6. Related skills list your relevant capabilities that make you a good driver

Driver Resume Example 2017 Tips of Content

  1. Use action verbs and not personal pronouns. Don’t use the passive voice, but the active voice. An example “Over 10 years of driving experience at ABC Company”
  2. Make your bullet list to the point and concise. Don’t write a too long list of bullets for the career highlight or summary section. Avoid wordplays and puns in the resume but use succinct and direct to the point language.
  3. In most cases, applicants make use of the chronological format for their resume. This may be a good thing but not if you don’t have a solid work experience. In this case, a functional driver resume example may be used as reference. This one is focusing on the skills other than on the employment gaps in your application. Now if you have both the skills and the experience, you may want to use the hybrid format, which is another professional format. It makes use of both the features and characteristics found in the reverse chronological and the functional template.
  4. Even if you have many skills, you don’t need many of them if you cannot relate them to the specific application. What to do is to highlight your key qualifications and achievements that have something to do with the particular position you are applying for.
  5. For the best results in your driver resume example, make sure that you are using specific keywords related to the application. You can do this by checking the job announcement and tailoring your application based on the needs of the company. From the advertisement, you can pick up important terms and use them in your driver resume. By doing so, you will be able to show that you are sincerely interested in the particular position offered. And with resume keywords in the driver resume template, applicant tracking systems can easily find your application; thus, improving your chances of being noticed and called for an interview by the employer. No matter how skilled or experienced you are, you may not be able to show it if you don’t make use of keywords wisely in your application.
  6. Proofread and edit your paper so that you can be sure that it contains no grammar and spelling or typo errors. Double or triple check your paper for the best results in your application

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There you have the best tips to recall when using the driver resume template 2017 and editing it with your information in order to illustrate your capabilities, knowledge and skills for the specific job posting. Finally, don’t send a generic application but a customized one for better job success rates.

Create professional and successful resume out of driver resume example 2017 today!