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Are you an engineer or are you looking to find programming jobs in 2017, one thing that you must appreciate that is key to your success is your resume. It is true that there are many resume example software engineer 2017 on the internet, but you need to know how to get a job in programming by writing a perfect resume. This is why in this article we shall be considering software engineer CV example and a host of other important points that can help you write the ideal and easy resume template for you. This is such that whether you want to a software engineering job in 2017 or you solely going out to just be a programmer at a firm, in this article we would looking at the basic areas that must be covered in your resume.

What You Want in Your Software Engineer Resume

When you want to write a resume the first thing you need to do is to draw a draft of what the resume is going to look like. This draft would contain what you want to be in the resume and how you want it to be formatted. It is only after you have done this that you would be able to go on and fully draft out the resume.

  • Personal data: This should contain your basic information, like your name, your address, your telephone numbers, your email and a website detailing some of your works if you have one. Your date of birth and your marital status may also be included if you feel this may be necessary as indicated in the job advert. You can give a title format with your name, address and contact information all centred and in bold. This is a great way to catch the attention of the reader to your basic details.
  • Academic information: This would of course focus on your education qualifications, your degrees and any other academic or professional milestone you have. This should be arranged from the recent coming in first.
  • Career information: This would give a preview to your work experience and the skills you have acquired across the different places that you have previously worked.

These are basic things that you want in your draft but you can of course also add an introduction about you, your person and what you like to do. This introduction should be quite straight to the point and brief if you are adding it. You can also touch on areas like your hobbies, what you love to do and if you are going to add this, try to ensure that it is relevant to the field of software engineering. Do not formulate things as your resume may form the basis for your questioning at an interview.

Software Engineer CV Example

The next thing you would want to know is how a software engineer CV example looks like. Well, it looks exactly like your ideal CV with just a view variations. Below are 7 areas that forms the template of a resume example software engineer 2017.

  • Personal data
  • Academic qualifications
  • Certification courses
  • Work experience
  • Extra skill sets
  • Links to one’s work

Differences between Software Engineer CV and Other Resumes

The differences in the resume may not necessarily lie in the formatting but in the content. Outside the personal data segment, from the introduction (if included) down to the hobbies, one should be able to tell that you are looking to find programming jobs with the content of your resume. That is how they would know that it is a software engineer CV.

advice on how to get a job in programming

It should contain information from your degree, to any certification course you have done, to the places you have worked and previous personal jobs you have undertaking; this should point towards software engineering and programming. This is how to get a job in programming with your resume.

Tips to Writing Your Software Engineer CV

  • Let your formatting be ordered
  • Use legible fonts
  • Don’t add any color or artistic work to it
  • When writing the introduction be brief and straight to the point
  • Avoid use of braggadocios terms
  • Try to make it simple to read and follow
  • Let the headings be well ordered
  • Avoid complex formatting


These are some of the things that you must put in mind when you want to write your resume and the software engineer CV example that are available online would show this. You would also want to ensure that you follow these guidelines as best as you can and compare resume example software engineer 2017 for further assistance on this.

Learn these resume tips and go out and find programming jobs in 2017 that you will love!