How to Make Professional Resume for 2016-2017

Do you want to make resume for 2016-2017 work? Well, there are many resumes out there but not all of them are tailored to fit your experience, skills and needs. In addition, not all of them are specific to the type of industry you are in. Without even saying, it is important that you create a resume to work for your needs and that can make you the most ideal candidate for the job. Check out the following for your guidance.

Professional Resume 2016-2017 Formats

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  1. For the best professional resume 2016-2017, you may want to use the reverse chronological format that works for most people no matter their industry. This latest resume format 2016 is using the style wherein the applicant lists his work history, which he starts from the most recent to the least recent. However, you don’t list all but only those with something to do with a specific application. To ensure it works best for you, don’t just focus on your job duties and responsibilities, but also on your accomplishments.
  2. You may also use the functional professional resume 2016-2017. This one is for those seeking to shift from one industry to another. It may also be for those who have gaps in employment or been terminated in the past. This may also be for those who want to focus on their skills other than their employment history.
  3. For an even more effective format, you may want to check out the combination or hybrid format to use in which you are going to focus on both your employment history and on your skills. Your best resume 2016-2017 can be even more effective if you would use this for your application because it can strengthen your background and profile, too. Check our list of 50 latest resume templates 2016 and choose the one that suits you the best.

Tips for Successful Best Resume 2016-2017

  1. Don’t forget about reading the job posting where you can find relevant keywords about the job. In this case, you can tailor your paper based on the requirements stated in the job posting with that said, you wouldn’t have to worry that your resume would appear generic. In fact, using keywords taken from the advertisement can even show that you are sincere and you have keen interest in getting the job.
  2. Double-check your resume. Don’t send it unless you have checked it a couple of times. If you do proofread and edit it, you can make sure that your paper does not contain errors that will hurt your candidacy.
  3. The best resume 2016-2017 also works great if it is made for every job. When you do so, you can increase your chances to receiving an interview invitation. If possible, you can try creating multiple resume templates 2016 that will help you in comparing and choosing which the best draft you have made and can write to submit as your resume for the specific job application.
  4. Write your resume in only one to two pages long. Let know that an employer does not have all the time in the world to spend so much time in reading. Therefore, you should make sure that your resume is precise and concise that it does list or include the most important information from the very beginning or at the top fold. The same goes true when listing your work history. Only choose which among them to include and never all of them to ensure that you are giving the most important pieces of information first.

Finally, read and understand the job posting before you start writing for the best results in your application 2016-2017.

Follow these tips for your resume for 2016-2017 so that you can increase your chances of exposing and marketing yourself well to the employer!