RESUME (But Not as We Know It)

A traditional resume is gone. In fact, one of six applicants use social media in finding a job and up to one million video resumes is uploaded on YouTube. You may also have to think outside the box and make adjustments in the simple resume templates you already know. Check out the following for things you can do to improve your resume and fit the modern resume template 2017.

modern resume template 2017

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Tips to Improve Your Resume

Here are some tips that are based on recruiters feedback and advice:

  • Get straight to the point. There is a strong competition among applicants than there ever was. You should know that recruiters don’t spend as much time in reading your application. Communicate what you want to say in the first few seconds and tell the hiring manager what makes you the best applicant for the job. Use bullets and short sentences in listing your accomplishments.
  • Edit your paper. Look for unnecessary words in your paper. Read your paper over again to check for those you need to cut so that you can convey what you want to say in an instant.
  • Think that recruiters are going to skim your paper. You should know that hiring managers skim your paper before they could decide whether they want to see you for an interview to know more about you in detail. To make your resume readable, you should use bullet points and use subheadings to break down the content of your paper.
  • Explain key challenges and ways you solved them. Present challenges and mention what you have done to solve those problems you have faced in your previous company or position. Highlight the actions you did in order to resolve the situation and then finish it off with the outcome.
  • Use visual information. One of the resume trends to consider is using visual information to convey your message at a glance. You can make use of an infographic resume for instance. This type of resume works for those in the design, marketing, and social media fields.

There you have some ways in improving your resume and making it effective for the latest trends in recruitment.

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