Sample of Resume for High School Student 2017

sample of resume for high school student 2017
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There are many reasons why a high school student would want to draft a student template resume and by far the commonest is because they want to find a job for students. This may be because they want to raise money for the summer or because they want to get some work experience. Whichever the case a properly drafted student template resume would go a long way in helping them get the student job they desire. If you are a high school student and you are planning to find a job for students then it is important that you have a student template resume. Like you would see in most of the sample resume for high school student 2017, it is quite different from other resumes. In this article, we would be looking at this in more detail so that you would be able to not only utilize job resume templates that you can find online but also be able to draft your very own student template resume.

What to Include in a Student Template Resume

Below are 5 vital things that must be in your student template resume as you would discover when you check sample resume for high school students 2017 online:

  • Your skills: You may be wondering what skills a student would have, well you would be shocked. We live in a 21st-century world where every student is a computer nerd. The point is that a lot of jobs would require basic computer skills and if you have this it is something that you must include in your resume.
  • About you: This can be called your personal statement at the beginning of your resume; it is important because it would serve as a way to help you with introducing yourself to you potential employers. Of course, your resume should still have other vital areas like your personal details with your name, your address, your email and your number, but this area would serve to show employers your characteristics. For example, what you love doing, your interest and hobbies (you should have a separate heading for this). It should also show that you are hardworking, diligent, respectful and a list of other characteristics that would be required on the job. You should try to be modest when you are writing this.
  • Your future goals/career: It is also important that you include this especially if the student job is one that is related in some way to your future career choice and goals. This is something that would help to show that you have a focus which is impressing to employers.
  • The experience you aim to acquire: You should also state the experiences you are hoping to acquire from the student job you are applying for.
  • Your drive for the student job: If you are trying to raise money for a project or you are trying to have money to save, of you just want to exercise yourself toward the dignity of labor, it is good that you incorporate your drive for the student job in your resume.

Sample of Resume for High School Student 2017 That You Can Use

When talking about the sample resume for high school student 2017 there are some things you should know and a few of them are highlighted below:

  • These samples would guide you in drafting your student template resume
  • You can find these samples online
  • You should notice the introduction and conclusion in these samples
  • You should notice the fonts and formatting of these samples
  • You do not need to buy any sample online

advice on writing a resume for high school student

What Differs This Student Template Resume from No Experience Resume?

A no experience resume is no doubt different from a resume internship template 2017 and below we would highlight some of the features that show this

  • This is not for a professional job
  • One is writing as a student, not as one who has completed postgraduate or undergraduate study
  • The skill set required is not the same
  • The level of academic qualification also differs
  • The format is going to be based more on future plans and goals than on reason for choosing and pursuing your current profession

Tips on Writing Student Template Resume 2017

Below are a few more tips to keep in mind when writing a student template resume that would help you find a job for students in 2017.

  • Be direct, straight to the point, do not add stories to your resume. Every point should be summarized in one sentence.
  • Avoid clumsy formatting
  • Use only legible fonts
  • Avoid lengthy sentences
  • Let the formatting of bullet points and numbers be easy to follow
  • You should avoid artistic graphics

You can easily get your student template resume written and you are free to also use any of the samples of resume for high school student 2017 when drafting your template!