The Best CV for Career Change Sample 2017

cv for career change sample 2017
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They say change is the only constant thing in life, well this is true especially for those who are considering a career change. There are many reasons why people may want to change career path, it could be because they want to try something new that excites them or they may feel they have gotten to a satisfactory point at their current career. Whichever the case, they would be looking for ways to draft out a resume template for career change or for some help to write a CV in a perfect way and with understanding the whole precess of it.

Of course, you cannot simply write a simple career change letter if you are considering a career change, you would need to have a career change CV and it would also show in your personal statement. This is why you may consider getting a CV for career change sample 2017 and good resume templates to see some of the best CV career change sample 2017 that can help you draft yours.

What to Include in a Career Change CV?

Of course a career change CV is not like your usual CV. It may follow the same pattern but as you would see in any of the CV for career change sample 2017, when you want to draft a resume template for career change there are some things that you must include and these are some of the things we would be looking at below:

  • Your personal details: Since it is a CV you must endeavor to include your personal details that would include your name, your address, your telephone number and email. This should be clearly written so someone can see it easily and preferably in bold too. It should also be the first thing in your resume. Most times it is centered with your name as the title/heading
  • Your work experience: It is important to state not just where you worked or what you did, but the experience you gathered. This is because even though career paths may differ there are certain experiences that cross career paths. In other words, there are certain experiences that are suitable across career divides. This is why highlighting your work experience may help as you change career path.
  • Skills you have acquired: It is also good that you highlight your skills, for example, multiple language proficiency, computer skills, networking, and a host of others can be a required skillset in different careers. So try to expand upon those skills you have acquired that makes you equally qualified for your new career choice.
  • How you excelled in your previous career: If you have pushed yourself by motivation, discipline, hard work to what you achieved in your previous career, then this must show in your CV. The reason is simple, these things would push you to success in your change in career path as well.
  • Your reason for the change: Either in your short personal statement at the beginning of your resume or in some other area try to find a way to indicate subtly but clearly your desire and drive for your current career choice.

Sample Career Change Letter That You Can Use

You can also write a career change letter to help in your change in career path application such as sample office assistant resume 2017. This would be a good addition to your CV. If you are considering this then it is important that you draft your CV with some of the career change letter samples that you can find online. They will not just serve as a guide but they would also broaden your ideas as to how to properly go about pursuing your change in career path.

advice on writing resume career change

How a Resume Template for Career Change Differs from Others

Just like the way other CVs would differ, this is not different from a resume template for career change.

Below are some of the areas that make it different from other CVs:

  • It is broader: You show your skills that make you fit for the change in career path;
  • It helps to add certification and training courses for your new career;
  • Emphasis should be on showing that your degree or academic qualification makes you fit for the change in career path;
  • It should be clear that you have the experience that can help you excel in this career path.

So you see, a change in career resume is no just one where you just highlight your academic qualifications and work experience.

Tips for Writing a Change in Career Resume

The tips for writing this kind of resume are the same with other resumes in general.

Below are some of them:

  • Have a short personal statement;
  • Use legible fonts and clear formatting;
  • Avoid using artistic or graphic work to the CV;
  • Include your skills and past employment experience;
  • Allow your hobbies and interest to support your change career path decision.


In conclusion, it is important that you understand properly what is required for you in this kind of resume and you try as much as possible to follow it to the letter.

Use any of the best CV for career change sample 2017 that you can easily find on the Internet to guide you in drafting your resume!