Top Jobs 2016: Choose the Best One for You

What are the best jobs to apply for this year? You sure are excited to find out, which is why here’s a list we’ve prepared for you.Top Jobs 2016

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Best 2016 Jobs

  1. Software application developers: Accomplish a bachelor’s degree and have a practical experience for entry-level. It has a total of 1,114,000 and a median salary of $90,000.
  2. Organizational psychologists: Complete a master’s degree in psychology. Total number of jobs available is 173,000 and a median salary of $80,330.
  3. Personal financial advisers: Complete your bachelor’s degree and earn up to $67,520 median salary. Also, get the chance to apply in over 249, 400 jobs available.
  4. Survey researchers: Here, you will need a master’s degree before you could apply to 16,700 jobs and earn a median salary of $45,000 in 2016.
  5. Web designers: Before working in the field, complete your bachelor’s degree and apply in more than 148, 500 jobs.
  6. Environmental engineers: Complete your bachelor’s degree and make up to $80,890 median salary for 2016.
  7. Medical assistants: You can apply as one even if you only have your high school diploma with you and still earn up to $29, 370 for this year.
  8. Athletic trainers: Get your bachelor’s degree and apply to work as one. Earn up to $42, 690 median salary.
  9. Personal and home care aides: This is one of the most on demand jobs right now. All you need is your certification, but such varies from state to state. Nevertheless, it has a career outlook of 26% growth prediction, which makes it a lucrative choice.
  10. Biomedical engineers: Before applying, see to it that you have completed your bachelor’s degree in order to earn as much as $88, 960 in 2016.

There you have the best jobs to select from in 2016 that you may consider depending on your course, interest and preferences. So have you decided which job to apply at in 2016? If so, make sure that you prepare an amazing resume for 2016 that sells you effectively to the potential employer.

Nevertheless, you can check out more job application tips and resume templates 2016 we have prepared for you at our website to increase your job application success today!

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