What Is the Best Template for a Professional Resume 2017?

template for a professional resume 2017
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If you are a professional it really does not matter what field you are in, you must have a professional resume to match. There are a lot of people who really do not see this and while they may be very good in their field, they do not know how to construct their CV template format properly, the ideal template for professional resume 2017 can get them some of the better jobs in 2017. This is why the role of having a quality template for a professional resume 2017 cannot be overstated. There are many ways you can go about this and in this article the goal would be to show you the things you can do to ensure that your template for professional resume is properly done. Of course, you may be wondering what is the best template for a professional resume 2017, in this article we would be looking to answer this and some other questions that you may have about professional resume template free.

What Do You Want in Your Template for a Professional Resume 2017?

Just as was stated above, a template for professional resume must be professional. This should be the minimum requirement. The question now is what you add to it to make it have this outlook. Below are 5 of the important things to add to your professional resume to make it look professional:

  • Your love for the profession: This is something that you must ensure is well reflected in your template for professional resume. You must state in clear terms why you love the said profession as this goes a long way in showing that your decision is motivated by a career drive in this area. This is always a plus for employers.
  • Membership of the professional body: If you are a member of a professional body that is related to your profession, then it is important you include this as well. This helps to give your CV a good outlook. It also shows your commitment to the said profession. If you also hold a position in this body it is also a plus.
  • Volunteer or intern work that is related to the profession: If you have volunteered or worked as an intern in something related to your current profession then it is important that you add it. It helps to solidify the fact that you profession has been a long time drive for you. It also shows that you have a desire to excel very well in it.
  • Academic degrees, certification or other training courses: Definitely, this is the area that people are mostly concerned about although it is not the only important thing to include in your template for a professional resume 2017. Nevertheless, you must add all your academic qualification and professional certificates, including any training or certificate course that you have attended or were awarded a certificate for.
  • Professional experience: You should also ensure that you add your professional experience. This would include the places that you have worked and the skills and experiences you acquired while you were there. Stating clearly how they make you a better qualified professional today.

The Use of Sample Templates for a Professional Resume 2017

The above guidelines are important for you to follow when drafting your template for professional resume but there are many things you can get from a CV for career change sample 2017. For example, it could guide you with a sample resume layout and format. Other things you can pick up form a sample are:

  • The fonts
  • The formats
  • The introduction
  • The conclusion and
  • The resume trend

advice on writing professional resume

What Is the Best Trend Template for a Professional Resume 2017?

The trend you decide to follow would depend on you and what you want. But below is a basic trend that you can easily follow when drafting your template for professional resume:

  • Personal Data and Information
  • Personal statement
  • Your Skills
  • Employment history/ work experience
  • Academic qualifications
  • Interest and Hobbies
  • References if requested or you can state that it can be made available upon request

General Tips to Get the Best Template for a Professional Resume 2017

Below are some of the useful tips to help you get the best template for professional resume:

  • Avoid using artistic graphics
  • Use simple sentences
  • Use legible fonts
  • Allow your bullets points and numbers to allow for easy reading
  • Use simple formatting
  • Always put your most recent work or degree first


So if you are asking what is the best template for a professional resume 2017? Now you know the things that make such a resume.

So all you need to do now is to start using the information you now have to draft your own template for a professional resume!