What’s New in Writer Resume Template in 2016-2017

What makes a good writer resume template 2017? Working as a writer, you may be looking to find new opportunities in 2016-2017 to develop your skills and talents further in a new company. Right now, the demand for professionals in the writing industry is growing, so you might not lose the number of companies looking to find good writers to add into their team.

The Latest in Professional Writer Resume 2017

writer resume template
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  1. You don’t send the same application across clients and writing providers using the same generic writer resume you have already used and submitted in most companies you are applying to. What you have to do is to customize a resume per job and per company. This is what you call a professional and customized resume that works more effectively than a mediocre and generic one that does not capture an employer’s attention, but hurts your candidacy instead.
  2. Find related keywords and use them in your resume per company. You can find this on the job ad itself. Read and understand the job posting and look up for keywords and take note of them. These specific words are what to use in your professional writer resume 2017 so that your application will look unique and you will radiate your sincerity and interest in getting the job.
  3. Use the right layout for your writer resume. The writer resume template 2017 has its layout: one-column, two-column, left aligned and centered, to name a few. Check these out and see which of these you feel will be perfect for you. If possible, you can also create drafts out of these layouts to compare and see which among the best resume templates 2016 to use look really good for you.
  4. free professional resume templatesSee formats and decide for the right one. Are you are experienced writer with years of experience and have no gaps in employment? Then use the chronological format! Are you someone changing career from editor to writer or you have employment gaps? Use the functional format! Now if you want to combine both of these because you have both the solid work experience and the major skills required for writers, use the hybrid format.
  5. Have a professional looking writer resume template 2017. There are many templates available out there, but it does not mean you send some fancy looking resume full of colors, graphics or illustrations. What to use is a professional looking resume that will reveal your personality of a dedicated and serious writer who knows your job well. You can make use of simplistic designs for your resume so that the employer’s attention can stick with the information and not the graphics or drawings in the resume.
  6. Use the right margins, fonts and font sizes. For the margin, anywhere between one and 1.25 inches will do, while font style is Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman is great. For the font size, it should be the same in the entire professional writer resume. You may use a bigger font size for your name, which may also be written in a bold typeface format for emphasis. The same go for headings and subheadings.
  7. Proofread and edit your resume if you want to increase your chances of winning the job. Nobody is perfect in grammar and even writers commit mistakes. That is the reason you should triple check your spelling and grammar. For help, you can make use of a grammar corrector that will help spot mistakes and suggest corrections for you. In this case, you can be sure of sending only a flawless paper that has the right grammar and spelling.

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There you have the tips to make your writer resume impressive. Learn from these tips about what your application must include so that it keeps up with the trends of resume writing in 2016-2017!